Friday, November 14, 2008

Classic Mack Lines & The Fuqqery They Established...

I decided to do something a little different with this week's fuqqery digest by giving you all an opportunity to weigh in and give some of your classic mack lines. I must say the fellas went all out with this shyt while my female counterparts played coy as fuqqin usual...we will now compile the list and give a brief analysis of each.

Did you fart? Cause you blow me away

"Do you like me? Circle yes or no"

Wsup baby? I know you have to be tired, cuz you’ve been running thru my mind all day

"Hey Girl / Sweetheart / Lightskin!"

"Can I have a chance?"


"You keep staring....would your man like that if he knew?"

"Can I have your pussy?"

"Sorry, I thought you were mature enough to handle adult situations...."
"I'm not looking for anything serious"
"What else you got?"
"Where your friends at?"

"I've never done this before..." <=== 1 of my favs

"What makes you any different than the next chick??"

"Let me come thru and rub your feet"

"Yea, I can cook" <=== another classic

If its grass on the field let's play ball

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Almost Foreclosed Fuqqery

This is gonna be a violent outburst type of post...I gotta get it off my mind though....Folks, Homeownership is great, I swear it is... But gott dammit, don't buy no house and live in that bytch for a little over a year and not have NO FURNITURE!! If you a grown ass man, I mean like 38ish you should have something in your living room, and kitchen....I personally like chinet, and the hood red cups from costco in a pack of like 6000, because I'm not washin no fuqqin dishes when the boys come over.. but dammit...NOTHING in ur living room. NOTHING, not even a airwick plug-in nygga.. come on! There's nothing u can tell me to make believe you doin it up nygga.. NOTHING! then send me pics from the party I missed and there's still no furniture, nygga didn't u have a housewarming, damn man....LOL! (maybe I'm not a true friend) this nygga don't have internet access let alone a damn computer to read this so i'm not worried, lol....

For all of my other friends that took time to get a futon, or a shelf system from ikea I salute you, cuz this nygga is awful....

My Name is Bruce Wayne & I Approved this message!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day After The Election

WOW! We fuqqin did it! I'm a proud black man today. I witnessed history in the making yesterday...The long lines at the polls, the stories told by our seniors and otheer people who were alive back in the day of Jim Crow and segregation all inspired me today.. Yesterday and the next 4 years are a part of history no one can take from us. And with that said on to the fuqqery.....

BLACK PEOPLE! WTF! Last Night Fox 5 gave us a chance to show our delight in the election decision and what did we do...FUQQ IT UP! I ain't never seen so many skinny jeans, obama t-shirts, or big girls modeling on the runway of U street than last night.. although it was good that we won, I had to cut it off just because I was scared someone was gonna do some dumb shyt... the funny part is I wonder how many of the coons on tv actually voted yesterday. It's ok to be proud people, but don't give anyone a reason to think we put a NIGGER in the white house. Savor the moment and show why America made the right decision by showing all black people aren't coons. We don't have to sambo or soft shoe just because we've achieved another level of success.

There were soo many happy people on the train this am, with only a few tight faces. To the people with the tight faces it's ok to be dissappointed, Black folks have been dissappointed in your decisions for YEARS! We have most of the same needs and desires as you do. So when you see a black person smiling today don't be down, smile at that person and say "Can you teach me some moves?" LMAO! LMAO!


Monday, November 3, 2008

Day Before Election

Well, I'm posting today the day before I know if I'm gonna be a proud black man or a nygga for the next 4 years. Whatever the case is....I'm gonna be out there tomorrow morning Barackin the vote. Please lawd don't let them coons do no BS. there is no way that Mccain & Palin should win.... Wait...this broad got pranked called the other day...

How in the hell can u be that damn dumb? MAVVVVVVERICK! LOL! I'm gonna hope for the best because if Mccain is in office this Jan, I know damn well, I'm bout to be driving a moped because of oil independence! Speaking of Gas, I filled up yesterday for $30, I haven't done that since like 2006. YAY for me right? Ok, I'll be back later.....