Friday, February 26, 2010

The Effects of Pissing People Off

*insert random welcome back music* I know I said I'd be back months ago, but I forgot my damn password and pretty much just been bullshitting on writing. Anyway I'm back and today I'm gonna focus on pissing people off! Now honestly I could care less about anyone's feelings (that isn't associated with me), I expect all people to be able to take what they dish out.  but this isnt about me...:-)

So this am I get an email from my boy who just happens to work for one of the most ignant companies in the US. I'm not gonna put them out there but I give them alot of money each month, lol.. Anyway... he constantly has stories about work, which are ALWAYS outta control, now the avg person would be like this nygga lyin, but he almost always provides pics!

This morning's email was simple... Another day at the office! But it was the attachment that provided the humor though

Now WTF did someone do have their car blow up at work?  LOL!!  I know I'd be salty if I'm sitting at my desk, hear a loud BOOM outside my window, and next I see my damn ride home in flames....especially with these insurance prices these days, how u gone explain that to Geico? lol 

Now yall know how fuckin windy it was this am...Slim, he's probably outside right now SICK!!! lol  Cuz this bamma gonna be on metro for a little while...

All I can say to dude is watch who you piss off, bammas is crazy these days.... lol...You better get out their with ya warface!!!


*edited* Hey Young, this means WAR!!!  So i just got my afternoon's they done put the fire out, and this is what's left!!!!

if this ain't the most ignorant shyt! lmaoooooooooo!!!!  I really feel bad for someone.....I dont' even know what kinda car this used to be......

Oh well.....