Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Main Man Marion!!!

Now we all have come to know and love our beloved crack loving ex mayor Marion, and apparently the ladies have come to love him too..

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for getting head but you can't just go putting chicks out because they not tryin to get their jaws movin.. Come on Marion, you're 60+ and I know u gotta use it til u lose it but this shyt has got to stop..I remember this man giving me my 1st job (no pun intended) I got paid to sit in my middle school and do NOTHING, for $3.85 an hour.. the check covered candy, carryout and fresh Reebok classics every 2 weeks.. what more could a 13 yr old ask for? Head maybe......

Anyway, then there was the infamous crack smokin bust of the late 80's...I remember people selling "that gott damn bytch set me up t-shirts in front of Discount Mart on Alabama Ave....." and boy did I want one...

Years go by, Marion does the community well, but can never get from the oppression of his choices in women..They done locked homie up a few times. I'm sure he's a good dude, but he has got to know THEY watching & waiting homie....

Now the one thing all men should learn, don't leave no voicemails in a bad situation.. we've all gotten mad before and left some shyt that we wish we shouldn't have but this guy...Jeez!

Here are a few excerpts:

“I’m gone. I’m not gonna think about it anymore. I’m not gonna worry about it like I used to, not gonna pray about it, not gonna do nothing....You don’t even exist. Goodbye, good luck, God bless you.”

“Wake up, Donna. Come down here and enjoy yourself. Let’s meet and try to resolve this thing. You don’t want to meet? I’m gone.You won’t hear from me again.”

“I’m getting ready to leave the situation, but call me and we can meet away from your house. I would suggest in a park or something and talk about this....I want to help save your life. So, call me.”

“Donna, this thing’s gotten outta hand. That’s too bad. I don’t want to continue talking to you about anything and I don’t want to press no charges, I don’t wanna do nothin.’ I just want to be left alone and so you oughtta do the same thing. Don’t call me.”

“Donna, you don’t have to answer your home phone....Don’t call me back. I will not take a call from you; I’m not gonna call you, so this is it.”

“Donna, call me....I’d like to apologize and settle this matter. It’s not anybody’s interest to continue.”

“Call me and let me know what you think ’cause I’m ready to end all this and let it go. I apologize to you. I’m sorry. You know I love you and that after this we gonna go our separate ways and I’ll give up trying to help....Call me.”

“It’s not in either one of our interests or anybody’s interest to keep this stuff going. I’m apologize...And, uh, so call me back. Please. On my cell phone.”

GOTT DAMN MARION! If this ain't some Bipolar shyt! STOP!!! We'll see how this plays out but apparently the chick was prepared! Maybe Marion thinks he's this guy who also went by the name of Marion

But No he's only.....

Dawn of a New Day

Awww shyt!

Lately I've been having alot to say on all my various other social networking sites, but I've neglected my blog for far too long. I'm not gonna bore you with a bunch of rules and shyt like that. This is a place for me to voice my opinion on anything. Whether it be my daily commute, or some other random fuqqery I've experienced on my day to day. Feel free to come by check me out and leave feedback....But please DO NO BE SENSITIVE HERE, cuz honestly I don't give a shyt about how you feel... LOL! Let the day begin and be blessed!